The zen Center of Lanau
(Cantal - France)

The zen Center of Lanau is the outcome of the project of the Tenbôrin association founded by Guy Mokuhō Mercier and some disciples. It is situated in Cantal, in the center of France, in Lanau-Neuvéglise (near Saint-Flour) next to the river Truyère.

It is an communal place of life where all the generations live together practizing meditation (zazen) and relationship with others in the respect of the values of Buddhism.

Persons who wish to retreat and groups of friends are welcome. Social action is also developped in parallel like housing for retired or elderly people of the association. 

Exchange between the generations is a vital necessity and a deep source of enrichment for everyone.



Front view



View from the opposite hill


Entrance and flats


Permanent resident flats


Back views

The property in the landscape


Entrance hall


  The patio next to the dining room




The kitchen


Rooms at the 1st floor :  the main dojo


Activity rooms (groundfloor and level 1...)


Stairs, corridors and bedrooms






         South gallery et terrace (level 2)


Nature outside....

The stay in 
the Center

 Zen practitioners, whatever their age, can decide to live and serve the community for long-time periods (1 to 5 years or more). They make a pledge not to leave the place before the end of the decided period. They follow the moral and ethic rules and regulations  they signed on arrival.
Among them, nuns and monks undertake all the necessary tasks linked to zen practice including the initiation of the visitors to zazen. They have functional responsibilities for the daily life of the community such as cooking, cleaning, organizing, gardening... They are helped by lay-people who live there to "recharge". Retired or elderly people will be aided by monks and nuns so that they can go on practizing , moving, enjoying activities and leisure.

Some lay-people who share the values and objectives of the center and the practice of zazen, may also live in the place for short-time periods; they integrate to the activites of the center.

Elderly people practizing zen, over the retirement age, who wish to go on the Way living in our community (Sangha) are welcome. They participate to the community life in accordance with their intellectual and physical means.

The fees of the Center

on demand

It is necessary to be a member of the association Tenbôrin (20 € annual fee)

For more  information,
write to :     or     Centre zen de Lanau 15260 Neuvéglise  

More about the "Tenbôrin" project...

A day in the life of...

    7h - 8h30       zazen                           14h30 - 17h     samu

    9h30 - 12h     samu                        18h - 19h        zazen

        12h30           lunch in common        19h30             free dinner


The activities : calendar

   2012    SAMU/SESSHIN    2 - 9 December 
(uploading the session leaflet  - fr)

            SAMU/SESSHIN    22 - 25 December
(uploading the session leaflet  - fr)

2013    SAMU/SESSHIN    21 - 27 January
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     SAMU/SESSHIN    10 - 17 March

     SAMU/SESSHIN    14 - 21 April   modification

     SESSHIN    31 mai - 2 June

     SUMMER CAMP     7 - 14 July

    END OF SUMMER SESSION     11 - 18 August


Uploading the Zen Center leaflet - fr :

Coming to the Center !

A75-E11 : St Flour exit signs,

direction Rodez-Espalion-Chaudes-Aigues.

Then D921 jto Lanau.

GPS : 44°53’40,87’’N    3°00’10,34’’E

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           More about  Neuvéglise

Postal address :  Centre zen de Lanau 15260 Neuvéglise France  
Phone : +33 4 71 20 95 86

E-mail :


The Ring of the Way
Calligraphy of Master Deshimaru

To Lanau,

"No one travels
along this way but I
this Autumn evening"

Matsuo Bashō

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